I’m Too Sexy For My Piggy Shirt

Today’s crazy style is brought to you by Quincy – the baby of the family by only 2 minutes.  She came downstairs after having picked out this little ensemble and announced that she is going to wear this on her date with Ben (my good friend’s 13 y/o son whom she is presently in love with and believes that she will marry) and that when he sees her, he is going to “faint”.  What’s more, she insisted on wearing this out of the house today despite the fact that she is missing one important piece of clothing.  Hello – pants!

Still, look at her turn on that personality and pose.  Look out little Ben!  Quincy’s comin’ to getcha!


5 thoughts on “I’m Too Sexy For My Piggy Shirt

  1. I am so tickled right now.. I’m sitting at my desk at work… on break of course… CRACKING UP!!! lol She’s got style and personality… She’s a Trendsetter!!

    Hey that’s the new style. I saw this look last month in New York.. I’m not kidding.

    Watch out America Quincy’s coming….

  2. How cute! I actually clicked on your link from M2M and have been flipping through your posts. What an adorable family, and I love your site design — very nice. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Tracy! I haven’t had the site up very long, but have had great fun with it so far. I very much appreciate your comments about little Quincy as well as the site. As a fairly new blogger, I will take all the followers and feedback I can get!

      Stop by anytime! 😉

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