Crazy Style

I will admit to being a recovering control freak about my kids’ clothing choices.  I know, I know.  I should loosen up on the rules and let them express themselves by wearing things such as flip-flops in an inch of snow or their rooster costume to the grocery store.  I am dedicating this page to all the outfits they come up with on one of my “good days”.  

Sorry,  but you won’t see Christian Siriano designs on this page nor Christian Louboutin shoes.

P.S.  Click the links below, or you can also find them in the column on the right.

1.)  I’m Too Sexy For My Piggy Shirt

2.)  You’re never fully dressed…

3.)  These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ 

4.)  When hell freezes over…

5.)  Dog Tired

6.)  4 Sherpas

7.)  Kitty Jammies


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