“Mom! You showered?!”

We all know grown people who lack that all-important filter between their brain and their mouth.  I am hoping that my 10-year-old does not grow up to be one of them and is simply still in the process of finding her voice and figuring out just how powerful words can be.  The other day, I had a scheduled date for coffee with a girlfriend of mine.  On most days, I get up and throw on some yoga pants, a jacket and Greg’s Wisconsin ball cap and rush around to corral the kids and get them ready for the day.  But on this particular day, because I was going out in public and not to sit in a car line, I got up early, showered and actually put make-up on.  When I walked out of my bedroom and met Emily in the hallway, she said in excited disbelief, “Mom!  You showered?!”

Come on now.  Cut a stay-at-home mom a little slack, will ya?!


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