“Body temperature after death?”

“What temperature is your body after you die?”  –Emily

In the car on the way home from school today, Emily was expressing her frustration over the school nurse saying, “Well, you don’t have a temperature.”  “I mean, come on mom, everyone has a temperature.”  I glanced over at her and told her I thought that, technically, she was correct.  She followed up with, “She should say ‘fever’.”  “I’d correct her but she is a nurse after all.”  After pausing to consider this for a moment, she popped the crazy question of the day.

Whenever I don’t know the answer to one of their crazy questions, I do what most people do these days.  I google it.  Wikipedia came close, but I couldn’t find a really good answer to this question.  So I asked my husband whose grandfather was a funeral director.  Greg’s best guess was “room temperature.”  This sounds logical enough to me, but if any of you know the answer, Emily would love to hear it.


One thought on ““Body temperature after death?”

  1. On average (environment plays a role) the human body loses 1.5 degrees of heat every hour after death until it reaches the temperature of its environment. Of course colder climates will cause this to deplete faster.

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