It’s the start of week four in the new job and I am starting to feel the pressure, a bit off-balance. Not pressure at work, really, nothing is all that complicated. At least, not yet. There is much to do, but I’m given the space and time to do it. I am learning so much, but it isn’t overwhelming, it’s exhilarating.

The pressure of which I speak is that all too familiar pressure to balance everything – The Job and The Family – which is, of course, an oversimplification because there are a million little things wrapped up in those two broad categories. How in the world do you/we balance all of it?

To say that the house is unclean, is giving it too much credit. It seems as if the laundry – dirty AND clean – is anywhere and everywhere, except where it should be. Bills need to be paid. Taxes need to be done. Dogs need to go to the vet. Husband needs servicing, cars need maintenance, and vice versa. And, oh yes, the girls need attention, love, guidance, homework help, and so much more.

I made a critical decision this weekend to start saying no to things that have or that might come my way, protecting my time for those things that are at the top of my priority list. Would I write a newsletter or contribute content for a blog? No. Would I work on social media? No. Will I go to that writer’s conference? Um…..No. (That last one was a doubly difficult decision to make.)

I knew when I took this job that my efforts as a writer would slow considerably, but that giving it up altogether just wasn’t an option. So I’ve pared it down to one writing night a week, and perhaps a blog post here and there. And once I get the other stuff tamed – take the laundry to have it done, hire a housekeeper, find a tutor for the girls – extra time will open. And that is good enough for now.

So here I sit with my writing group, working on a project that I have a lot of interest in and passion for, and I have the most incredible feeling, like I’ve put on an oxygen mask. I’m not worried about the girls, they will survive. I am not concerned about the laundry sitting in the front entry, it will get put away another night. The husband, the dogs, the bills. All of it will get done. I’m exactly where I need to be now.

And there it is. Balance.


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