Decluttering Project: Day 2/365

You know how kids meals come in containers that wouldn’t necessarily be considered a throw-away container?  Like the McDonald’s Happy Meal that comes in a cute little plastic pumpkin with a handle around Halloween.  Or how the Subway kid’s meal comes in a themed lunch sack, like these:

lunchboxes 2Do you keep these kinds of things?  Because we most certainly do.  They’re cute, functional, and, you know, you actually pay for them.

The point of the next year, though, is to get rid of the clutter and these suckers are on the chopping block.  We have 19 of them, and that is just what I could find in the pantry.  I’m sure we have more around the house, probably in the girls’ rooms holding rocks, marbles, or Squinkies.  And I’m sure we have some of those plastic pumpkins down in the basement but I’m not going to dig them up now.

We have padded lunch bags that the girls normally use, as well as a slew of brown paper sacks for the occasional field trip requiring a sack lunch.  Right now they don’t all fit in the bin because of the 19 semi-disposable ones.

lunchboxesI’m going to save only four of the semi-disposable and get rid of the rest, and then the padded non-disposable lunch bags will fit in this bin.

I need your help, though.  Because we a) paid for them, and b) they are still usable, throwing the extras in the trash bin gives me the twitches.  Are they something you’d donate?  Or should I just suck it up and throw them out?  Whaddaya think?

Love, Carmen


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