UK Tees & Tags

Now that I have my feet back on the ground after our whirlwind UK trip, I wanted to share a couple of things with you all, and give a shout out to a really talented lady and friend, Becca of Cul-de-Sac Cool.

At Christmas dinner a couple of year’s ago, Greg’s parents shared with us their plan to take the family (a total of 10 people) to London in 2013 to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.  Of course, the first thing that popped into my head was European Vacation, right?  So I started thinking I’d come up with a really cheesy family t-shirt (Think Pig-in-a-Poke t-shirts, or where Clark buys them all berets) we’d all have to wear.

As 2013 approached and plans for the trip solidified, it occurred to me that I didn’t really want to wear a super cheesy t-shirt…so I toned down the cheese.  And that’s where Becca comes in.  She took my idea for a more refined Sherlock Holmes themed tee, and came up with this:

front shirt 1Here is the logo:

LogoAnd here is the back of the shirt:

shirt backAs if that wasn’t awesome enough, I asked her to make some consistently themed luggage tags and this is what she came up with:

tag fronttag backI’m sure there are some that think a family t-shirt is a cheese ball idea to begin with, but I’m super happy with how these turned out and Greg’s parents have a special memento of their 40th anniversary trip.

If you get a chance, be sure to check out Becca’s site, Cul-de-Sac Cool.  She has a bunch of really cute, FREE printables.  If you want to have something custom-made – logo, invitation, advertisement, whatever – she’ll do that, too.  After working with her on several different personal and professional projects, I can say she is super creative, quick, and cost conscious.

Thanks Becca!

Love, Carmen




2 thoughts on “UK Tees & Tags

  1. They turned out awesome! Man, can I hire you for PR? I’m still jealous of your trip, but glad you had a great time. I love working with you!!! You win the BCEA (best client ever award)!

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