Decluttering Project: Day 1/365

My focus for this first week will be our kitchen because it is, I would have to say, the room that gets the most traffic so it is important to make sure it is functional space.  While this house is well-built, there is not a lot of storage.  And since my dreams of a new, expanded kitchen are far off in the future somewhere, maximizing the space is paramount.

Cereal boxes.  It seems like the kids eat it, but leave about two spoonfuls at the bottom.  And then the box just sits because who wants just two spoonfuls of cereal, right?  But depression-era Carmen (Hey, my Grandma rubbed off, what can I say?) and frugal Greg can’t see themselves throwing away perfectly good cereal so it continues to sit.

So here’s what I’m going to do.  When the cereal gets low, I’m going to combine it with like-cereal in a separate container.  Right now we have three boxes:

cerealI’m going to combine them in this container.

clear containerSo now instead of 3 boxes – with torn lids that won’t close, I might add – I have one seal-tight container.  Baby steps.

And now, off to tackle the rest of the pantry…

Love, Carmen



2 thoughts on “Decluttering Project: Day 1/365

    • Thanks for following Suzanne! I’m hoping that after doing 365 small projects like this, my house will start to feel organized. Cheers to that, right?!

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