Ready. Set. Go.

My friend, Kelly, of Kansas City Mamas started a 365 days/365 items blog series in an effort to “calm the clutter” around her house.  And I’m gettin’ on board y’all!  You can read her post here.

365-Days-ProjectI’m not setting any hard and fast rules or guidelines for myself.  My focus is on not just getting this house clean, but cleaned OUT.  Everything is at risk, so this should be fun (er, I mean, therapeutic).

Check back tomorrow and see the first items to end up in the discard pile.  And by discard, I mean trash/donate/sell.  And by donate, I mean that if you see something you want, feel free to speak up.  I am a huge proponent of “one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.”

And by all means, feel free to hop on board and share your discards, as well!  The more, the merrier!

Love, Carmen

photo credit:   ronstik / 123RF Stock Photo via Kansas City Mamas


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