If We Are Late

Wait, make that “When” we are late, which we are so often. 

I think Greg would agree, the Chopp girls are an easily distracted bunch.  So when we are late in the morning it is usually because of things like this.

Emily:  “MOM!  Quick, we need your phone to take a picture!”

Me, furiously trying to get dressed:  “What?  Why?”

Emily:  “Just give me your phone.  Cameron thinks her cereal looks like a kitty.”

Me:  “Yuck.” 

Emily:  “No, the shape of it.”

Me, puzzled, but handing over my phone, which she took and returned a few minutes later with a picture of this anomaly.

New Image

This is only made stranger by the fact that Cameron’s nickname (one of many) is “Kitty Cam”.  Freaky, right?  Who just got goose bumps?

My takeaway:  Sometimes you just have to stop and appreciate the oddity, even if it makes you late.

Love, Carmen 

P.S.  For those of you looking for The Chopps Do Disney (Part II), check back tonight.  As usual, I’m late. 🙂


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