An Open Letter

Dear David Nelson (a.k.a. Dave, Nelson, and Uncle Short Bus),

I can’t thank you enough for FINALLY agreeing to go to Las Vegas with Greg for the NFL draft in April.

I have, of course, suggested this for years – yes, he is telling you the truth.  I not just approved of the trip, but encouraged it.  Ever since one of our trips to Vegas when I woke up from an afternoon snooze to find a note next to me in bed that simply said, “at the sports book”.  I dressed and went down only to find him there in a comfortable seat, bets placed (one or more may have been for you), eyes wide and darting around at all the screens, sipping a cocktail and awaiting his food order.  Although I can’t recall specifically, I would be willing to bet it was a huge plate of nachos.  He looked so excited, contented, he just could not contain it.  And I fell in love with him just a bit more that day.

I knew then that anyone who exhibited that level of passion and enthusiasm for something might actually “get” me.  And get me, he did.  Ten months later we married and you stood next to him when he declared it to God, our friends, and family.  That is why I am thanking you, because when he got me (and you let it happen), I’m not sure he knew exactly what he was in for.  For Christ’s sake, I should have come wrapped with a flashing, red neon, warning label.

As I’m sure you have heard/read/seen over the years, I’m not the easiest person to live with.  And he has put up with my crazy shit for almost 10 years.  Believe me, if there was ever anyone deserving of a trip to Vegas to watch the NFL draft (although I’d rather have all of my teeth pulled) it is my husband.  Despite all the comical Facebook posts, sunny pictures, and deep thoughts we’ve had our share of issues the past several years.  Although men don’t share the dirt as freely as us women do, I am confident you know this.  And I know, without a doubt, that your support and friendship has meant a lot to him over the years.

So, I wanted to publicly thank you for being with him for what I doubt he would admit, but I believe is a bucket list item.  If it isn’t, then it is damn sure close.   I only ask the following:

1.)  That he not come home in a pine box.

2.)  That he not bring home any sexually transmitted diseases.

3.)  That he has a fun, relaxing, and memorable trip.

Much love to you and Lauren!




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