I thought that we were crystal clear on the human anatomy at our house.  I mean, we’ve covered pretty much every body part over the years with all the girls.  If you think I’m kidding, you can read my post about boobs here and about penises here.

You might think that in a house full of girls, we’d have skipped over the boy parts but actually it is quite the opposite.  Since Greg is the only male in the house (other than all three of the dogs, who – believe me – have provided fodder for further conversation about boy parts) he kind of sticks out like a sore thumb, thus fueling their curiosity.  So we’ve covered the boy parts almost more than girl parts.  And that’s what makes the following so perplexing.

So Greg had gotten home from work and we were in the kitchen.  Quincy came in and immediately attached herself to Greg – like, legs and arms wrapped around his legs – and Greg spins around while she’s leached to him.  Barkley, the bulldog, thinks “hey, I’m getting in on the action!” and jumps up knocking Quincy off.  She stands up then sinks to the floor holding her privates and yells:

“Ahhhhh, my nuts!”

Believe me, there is nothing Greg would like more than something else – other than a dog – in the house with nuts, but….WHAT?!

I’m still scratching my head.  Back to the drawing board I guess.

Love, Carmen


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