The Funniest Thing…

The Funniest Thing I Heard This Weekend

Around the table at dinner Sunday night…

Quincy:  “Mom, how do moms and dads make babies?”

Madison:  “Ew.  I’m going to have to leave the table for this.”

The Funniest Thing I Did This Weekend

I watched the 2-hour Thanksgiving Live! show on Food Network hosted by Alton Brown, and featuring what he called Hall of Fame-worthy chefs (Giada, Rachael, Bobby, Ree, etc.).  The only reason that is even remotely funny is because I don’t cook.  Unless you count today’s lunch of spaghettios and cheese pizza cut into strips as “cooking”.  So the fact that I took that much time watching a show devoted to cooking is funny.  Or maybe it’s just ironic.

The Funniest Thing I Saw This Weekend

Cameron is, without doubt, the dog whisperer in our family.  She has such a calming, but commanding presence with the dogs that she can get them to sit still, get off the sofa, and lay down with her when she wants them to.  I attribute this to actual dog whispering.  Like, whispering.  To the dogs.

I caught her in the act this weekend.  I pretended to work on the computer and watched as she damn near lulled Deuce into a coma.  She took him firmly by his ears and drew his face next to hers and began to whisper in his ear.  I couldn’t  make out what she was saying, but I thought I picked up the words “lick”, “rub”, and “treat”.  Since Deuce is still a puppy and sitting still for him is a challenge, I certainly did not want to mess with what she had going on so I just watched.

It only went on for a couple of minutes.  So tonight when we were alone I asked her what she whispers to the dogs when she gets real close like that, and reminded her about the incident the day before with Deuce.   Cameron said, eyes wide with a big smile, “I just told him I loved him over and over.”  Remembering the other words I thought I heard, I probed, “Anything else?”  To which she responded with a 5-minute spiel of thinly-threaded thoughts that hardly made sense to me.  I stared, blankly, for a few seconds then said, “Okay, carry on.”

Hey, who am I to question her methods if she can accomplish this?

Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with food, family, and funny things!

Love, Carmen


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