The Funniest Thing… Part Deux

Sorry, I forgot one.

We are HUGE fans of The Voice in this house.  If I don’t answer your call/e-mail/text/DM/etc. on Monday and Tuesday nights, that’s why.   Now you know.

So last night we were watching the live performances.  And if you don’t follow The Voice I’m not going to bore you with all of the details of the show in this post – how teams are chosen, how they narrow the choices, or how people vote for their favorites.  You’ll just have to watch.

Anyway, one of the competitors is kind of known for being a girl rocker (think Avril Lavigne) and last night she sang a country song and just blew it out of the water.  I mean, I’ve played it a gazillion times on I-tunes today.  After the song, one of the coaches (can’t remember which one) commented that it really suited her voice; that maybe she should/could consider being like a country-rocker-girl.  And this got Madison to thinking.

Emily:  Mom.

Me, still trying to watch the t.v.:  What?

Emily:  Madison came up with a word for country and rock-n-roll.  Madison, tell her what it is.

Madison:  Cock and Roll.

Me, turning away from said t.v.:  What?

Emily:  Get it?!  Cock and roll?  (giggling)

So I start to chuckle then realize that my oldest daughter – my about to be 13 middle-school aged oldest child – knows the meaning of that word and thinks it’s funny.

Funny. No. More.

Love, Carmen


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