The Promise

My sweet baby, Quincy.Quincy:  Mom, can I ask you something?

Me:  Sure.

Quincy:  I know you like to call me baby but….can you not call me your baby anymore?

Me:  Why?

Quincy:  Well, I’m growing up now and I just don’t want you to call me your baby.  Okay?  Pinky promise?

Me (fighting tears):  Well, you’ll always be my baby, but okay.  Pinky promise.

We sealed the deal with a hug and a kiss, my heart breaking.


4 thoughts on “The Promise

  1. Oh, my gosh – i think we can all relate to this one! My boys are at the point where i barely get hugs out of them…i can’t wait fot that to change when they get older. Such a sweet storie. And, yes, i got tears too…love ya Carmen!

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