“Welcome, to another edition of Thunderdome!”

I woke up yesterday morning ahead of everyone else for once.  Instead of waking anyone else up, I crept downstairs and laid down on the cool leather couch.  A few minutes later, I heard little feet on the floor above me which signaled to me that I was about to be joined by a little person.  A few moments later, more feet….and then big feet.  And then Greg and the twins descended the stairs and my solitude was no more.

After we said our good mornings,  Greg started to settle into his spot on the other sofa so that he could read his morning news on the laptop.  And Cameron and Quincy began to fight over who would get the spot right next to him on the sofa.  I find this both cute and irritating (I’ll explain why in a later post).

The argument escalates from mere words and shoving to an all-out brawl and…voila!…it’s welcome to the thunderdome at the Chopp house.  Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am 50/50 on whether I’ll break it up.  Some days I’m up for a good cat fight and other days not so much.  

Just as I was about to break it up, though, Quincy throws down the weight card which I have never heard her do before.  And that did it.  That flipped the switch for me and it was game on.  For those of you who know the twins, it is fairly easy to tell them apart based solely on their personalities which are quite different.  Physically, though, their features are so similar that in pictures it is difficult to tell them apart.  There are a few other physical differences – a tiny scar on Quincy’s forehead, a little “s” shape at the top of Cameron’s butt crack, their hair parts the opposite way, and Quincy is two and a half pounds bigger than Cameron which, in a small body, makes a big difference. 

So using the brawn that God gave her, Quincy muscled her way next to Greg and pushed Cameron completely off the sofa.  Undeterred, Cameron got up off the ground and started after her.  Pretty soon I found myself whooping and cheering Cameron on. 

“What you lack in weight you make up for in determination Cam!” I yelled.  “Grab her by her feet!”

I can’t help but cheer for the underdog even when they are my own children.  And so the mighty Cameron went after her, grabbing Quincy by her feet and dragging her off the sofa, extra two and a half pounds and all, and she hit the floor with a big thud.  Game over.

Sadly, that was the sum total of my entertainment for the day.


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