Living the Dream

Madison has provided much entertainment for us as of late.  Poor kid.  Not only is she the “middle” child, but her birthday is on Christmas eve.  Does she just get the shaft all the way around, or what?  So we decided that this was the year that Madison would have her first planned, kids-from-school, super-cool birthday party.  Because her birthday lands on Christmas eve, though, we decided to do it after the first of the year when school had started back up – which, if you think about it, allowed her to rock the gifts and attention for about 3-weeks straight.  Not bad, huh?

We decided to have a kids bowling party at Incredabowl which worked out really well logistically and all the kids, especially the birthday girl, had a blast.  Here’s the evidence (top right corner in the green) – though, I can’t remember if this was pre- or post-sugar.

We are always trying to make sure Madison gets the attention she needs, but you know… it’s hard.  And so we worry, as many parents do, about how this will affect her long-term.  But the other day as I was going through the mound of school papers that come home and deciding what to keep and what to throw away, I came across some writing that Madison had done in class.

Every week, her teacher has them form sentences using the week’s spelling words.  I usually get a kick out of them because while most of the sentences make good sense, others…not so much.  But when I read this sentence, all of my fears about the middle-kid syndrome went away.  If she thinks she is living the dream, what more can we ask for, right?

side note:  I am still wondering why her teacher decided to only give her 3 out of the 4 possible points for this sentence, though.




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