A Daily Helping Of Randomness

1.  Dear Lord, please give me the flexibility and skill to dance like Usher.  Amen.

2.  I was channeling my inner Gaga this morning in the car and then the weirdest thing happened.  I started to whistle.  Seriously, Carmen.  Who whistles to Lady Gaga?!

3.  Bruiser got his hump on last night and Barkley took it like a man.  I didn’t know Bruiser still had it in him.  And he was double-timing.

4.  I was a rock star today and delivered chips and salsa to a kindergarten class.  I have never seen kids so excited to get chips and salsa.  And by the way they put it down, you’d have thought it was their first meal in quite a while.  That includes my own child, God bless her.

5.  I thought the second floor of our home was going to come down on me yesterday afternoon.  When I went upstairs to figure out what the “H” was going on, I discovered that the girls, all four, had used a whole roll of Christmas ribbon to fashion a full-room volleyball court upstairs in Madison’s room.  And they were playing volleyball.  Their collective creativity frightens me.  And it should frighten you, too.

That’s all.  For now.


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