A Sign

I had the opportunity to spend some quality time one-on-one with Quincy the other day.  I recognized the telephone number of the school on my cell phone and when I answered the school nurse was on the other end of the line.  Apparently Quincy had been to her office twice since being dropped off at school complaining of a tummy ache and she was running a low-grade fever.  So I headed right to the school to scoop her up and get her home for some mommy TLC.  She felt better after she puked but she continued to run a low temp and was pretty subdued all afternoon…..which gave me plenty of time to get some snuggles in and time to notice a sign.

I’m talking about a sign that she is indeed my child.  I mean, I know I birthed her and all.  Believe me, I know.  But all four of the girls are so much like their fathers (Emily like James; Madison, Cameron and Quincy like Greg) that I find myself searching for little bits of me.  And while I was cuddling and spending time with Quincy the other day I found another sign.  In addition to the freckles and reddish hair which are obvious, it’s a personality trait that she definitely gets from me and here it is.

When she sings a song in the car, she sings with such expression that you’d think she was on stage singing in front of a crowded audience at the Sprint Center.

That, folks, is most definitely me.  The end.


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