Florida Calling

Call me crazy (not to my face, please), but Greg and I would really like to move to Florida someday.  I’ve been referring to it as “the flip-flop plan”.  We got a wild hair several years ago to take the kids to the Destin area for spring break and we absolutely fell in love.  We’ve been back once since then with Greg’s family, and are considering a return to that area for spring break in March.  Just the thought of being back on those beautiful South Walton beaches gives me butterflies in my tummy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Kansas City and everything it offers.  But the dark, icy and frigidly cold winters combined with miserably hot summers are enough to send this family packing and heading toward a more temperate climate.  There is nothing better than seeing kids playing outside running off their energy.  But let’s face it, they don’t stay outside very long when the heat index is consistently between 95 and 100.  In the winter, I can send the girls outside all decked out in their snowsuits, 2 layers of socks, boots, gloves, scarves, hats and whatever else I can strap on them to keep them warm but they are only out for 30 minutes before they head back in with purple lips and fingers.  On the other hand, I have actually witnessed the girls play in the sand all day for 7 days straight and never get bored.  They would play in the sand all day if we let them and they would grow scales and fins and live in the water if they could.

I know what you’re saying – something about the grass is always greener.  You’re right.  It’s one thing to vacation there and another thing altogether to live there.  But take a look at these images and then tell me I’m crazy.

In case you hadn’t heard, I just recently passed the Kansas bar exam.  And thanks to James (say “hi” James) I’ve been dressing up and heading out of the house in the past week to do some real legal work.  It did occur to me that maybe I’m longing for the beach lifestyle because I’ve had to trade in my flip-flops for those super-cute but uncomfortable dress shoes.  Ouch!  For some fun, we could take a break and count the number of blisters I have on both feet.

I don’t think it has to do with the dress shoes.  I don’t think it has to do with the kids either, though I can only imagine the shrieks of joy we would hear if we told them that we were moving to the beach.  The flip-flop plan is more about how Greg and I view our life now and the direction we want our life to go in the future.  We disagree on a lot of things, but on this one thing we absolutely agree.  What we fear the most is that we will wake up next to each other one day to the horrific realization that we’ve wasted most of our life being a hamster on a wheel.

Does that make any kind of sense to anyone out there?


2 thoughts on “Florida Calling

  1. I say follow your dreams to the beach! Life is short, right?! My kids also LOVE to play in the sand for hours and hours so I guess keep sand in mind for your future house. Maybe an outdoor shower at your place. How cool would that be! Shower in the sun. I am a huge lover of fall and snow myself, but I can completely sense your passion in this post and think going where you love absolutely makes sense!!

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