Need Your Help Please!

We got the Wishcraft catalog in the mail today and the girls were pouring through it picking out their Halloween costumes.  I LOVE Halloween and if we could ever afford to buy all four of the girls Halloween costumes from this catalog I think I could die right there and then a happy woman.  These costumes are the bomb, I’m tellin’ ya!

At any rate, this year’s not the year to be spending upwards of $600 on Halloween costumes….BUT we thought we might splurge and dress up Barkley and Bruiser.  For those of you who are new here, Barkley is our 21-month-old old English bulldog and Bruiser is our black pug.  So this is where you all come in.  We already know what costume we will be getting for Bruiser, but it is Barkley we are stuck on so we thought we’d toss it out to you and see what you all think.

Thanks in advance for your opinion!  Here are the choices:

Cave Dog

Pirate Dog

Punk Dog


3 thoughts on “Need Your Help Please!

  1. I love the pirate costume but I don’t think he’d like the hook. My second choice is the cave man. But, knowing Barkley rather intimately now, I think a baby bonnet and a pacifier is more his style! Or maybe something along the lines of Elvis! Happy Halloween!

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