I Passed!

Dear Grandma Ruby,

I wanted to write and tell you that 15 years after I got my law degree from TU, I finally passed the bar exam.  You have been my biggest fan from the moment I was born – through my awkward phase which lasted what seemed like an eternity (there are pictures now on Facebook to prove it), through bad boyfriends, bad choices, marriages, through law school, a divorce, child birth, and on and on.  Though you are no longer with us here, I know that you are cheering me on from heaven and this is why I dedicate this accomplishment, this milestone in my life, to you.  I will get sworn in on September 24th during a special session of the Kansas Supreme Court.  I know you’ll be there as you are with me every day.

I love and miss you dearly,



4 thoughts on “I Passed!

  1. As everything else worth in life, it takes hard work and pushing thru to obtain success! I knew that althoug the road was painful and not exactly the pretty road you would have liked to follow…..it will pay off at the end, with great dividends. I never doubted that you would be successful, just had feel the “pain” in the process. Best of Luck in what is yet to come, my friend!

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