I’m The Boss Applesauce

So because we have all girls, or maybe it is because they are my girls, we have a lot of “girl power” attitude flowing through our house.  And, to be honest, I like to see some attitude in girls.  Not too much, but enough, if you know what I mean.  I think it will serve them well as they experience all that life will throw at them in the future. 

Being the oldest, Emily brings home all kinds of girl hand-shakes, songs and sayings….and immediately teaches them to the younger three of course.  This has brought back all sorts of memories for me of some of the ones that we used to do when I was a kid growing up in Wichita, Kansas.   So my contribution to the blogosphere today is simply to share both a current and an 80’s version of one of these little sayings.  I’m not even close to being hip enough to pull off a vlog so that you can see the motions to it.  You’ll just have to use your imagination.

Anyway, hopefully these will bring back some fun memories for you, too.  Enjoy and, by all means, feel free to share your own if you remember them!

 Current Version:

Don’t make me snap my fingers in a Z for-ma-tion/hip ro-ta-tion/elbow, elbow/wrist, wrist/girl you just got dissed

80’s Version:

I’m the boss applesauce/understand rubberband?/don’t get wise bubble eyes/I’ll knock you down to peanut size


8 thoughts on “I’m The Boss Applesauce

  1. this is great – i so remember the 80’s version and think it carried over into the 90’s as well. having no children (yet) i am oblivious to the new
    put-you-in-your-place phrases. ah, to be young again.
    on a side note, could you imagine communicating with your co-workers like this? i say it would be fun – but then i am a little nuts at times…

  2. Eva has a few of those that crack me up. One has a line that says, “so flip your hair and don’t go there”. The hair flip and finger wag are a riot. There’s another one that has something like “punch you in the stomach, whoops I’m sorry” in it that’s extremely long and involved.

    Boys didn’t do these things (at least they didn’t in the 70s and 80s), so this is my first exposure to them.

    I wonder if there’s a book of them. If not, someone should write it. It would be a hit with the K-5 crowd.

    • Great idea! I may have to hire Eva!
      There’s nothing like watching little girls do this kind of thing. When the twins do the old rhyme I taught them, they run the words “peanut size” together and it becomes “penis size”. At some point I’ll have to make sure that they enunciate, but right now I just have to giggle.

      • The enunciation thing is always good for a laugh. Once, when Eva was somewhere around two years old, I took her to the grocery store. They had these mylar character balloons on sticks. She really wanted the one with Elmo. Being a softie, I grabbed it and gave it to her while we were in the checkout line.

        She called it an “Elmo stick” and absolutely loved it. She was sitting the cart, just gushing over it.

        “Elmo stick is so big daddy.”
        “Elmo stick is red!”
        “I love Elmo stick.”
        “I want more Elmo stick.”
        “Elmo stick makes me so happy.”

        She was babbling, running through hundreds of variations on those statements in one of those little kid voices that are loud enough for everyone to hear but so happy and cute that no one seems to care. I thought it was great until I realized that I was the only one hearing “Elmo stick.”

        Say it out loud a few times. My fellow shoppers were either mortified or stifling laughs as she proudly exclaimed that a certain part of Elmo’s anatomy was big, red, etc.

    • Good luck! Emily made me watch her version…and then I pulled out my version. And just for a moment she thought I was pretty cool. That faded quickly, however.

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