What I Love

After living in our house for 10 seasons or so, we have concluded that the woman who built it and lived here for darn-near 30 years must have spent more time outside than in.  There are random plants and flowers popping up all over our yard, in the middle of the yard.  Forgive my ignorance when it comes to naming plants, flowers and trees.  That gene didn’t pass. 

That first Spring after we had moved in our neighbor revealed that the previous owner had more plantings than grass, and that at some point before she put the house on the market, she removed some of it and put in grass so that the house would seem more like a house and less like a garden center.  I can’t even imagine what it must’ve looked like.  We’ve spent the past two years taking more of it out and putting in still more grass primarily so that the kids will have more space to play and to reduce the amount of maintenance it requires. 

To her credit, she had great taste in plants and trees.  There is a nice variety of colors and textures, as well as some mother nature-made surprises.  Here are a few of the things I love about our home.

These two beauties sit right outside of our front door.

An alternate view. They provide some shade and are so beautiful to look at when we've thrown open the door on a nice day.

These are all over our neighborhood and we are fortunate enough to have one in our own back yard.

This is one of 3 Japanese Maples we have. This one goes up to the windows in the master bedroom making it seem as if you're sitting in the tree.

Just off of the back patio, there is a climbing rose bush that she had trained to go around a wreath.  We were going to get rid of it, but when we cut it back we found a Robin’s nest and couldn’t bear the thought of dismantling it.  So for the second year in a row, we will get to see the babies hatch and watch as mama Robin swoops down to feed and care for them.  And then one day, when I hold the girls up to look in the nest, the babies will be gone.  And then the girls will cry. 

Mama Robin sitting on her eggs.

The truest Robin's egg blue you'll ever see.

 Happy Spring to you all!


4 thoughts on “What I Love

    • Thank you! I’m sad to report that I came home one day last week and the big purple tree had been cut down. My husband and the tree guy said it was dying/dead. I tried to use this photo as evidence that is was still breathing, but they didn’t buy it.

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