Happiness Is…

I turned in Cameron and Quincy’s paperwork for kindergarten this morning and as I walked out of the school I felt just a little lighter.  After all, I have talked about the day they would all be in school for the last couple of years.  And starting in the fall, I will have all four girls in the same school for a glorious two-year period.  Everyone on the same schedule, all going to the same place day after day.  

I have always viewed this time as the moment I can claim just a little bit of my life back.  The moment we can stop worrying about the high cost of daycare relative to our take-home pay.  The moment I can finish all the un-finished projects in my house and, truth be told, all the un-finished projects in my life.  And then start some new projects.  Hmmmmm….  What will I do?  So many possibilities.

As I was sitting here this afternoon crunching our family budget to figure out how much extra money I have to spend on spring/summer clothing for the girls, I heard the water go on outside and I just knew.  I knew that I would have to get up from my spot, stop my number crunching, and tell the twins ONE MORE TIME to stop playing with the hose and sprayer.   But before I could get to the door to investigate, the water turned off and when I looked out, here is what I saw and it hit me right in my gut.

Two little girls.  Barefoot.  Playing in a mud puddle they made.  In the shade of a tree.  On a beautiful Spring day. 

And now I wish time stood still.


5 thoughts on “Happiness Is…

  1. Aww, you just brought a tear to my eye. Sometimes I get so frustrated at my 2 year old but then I remember that his innocent naughtiness is just so precious that I crack a smile and join in the fun. Thanks for posting this, I love that you recognized this moment.

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