The Best Job Evah!

Greg looked up over the top of his laptop the other night and told me that he had found THE job for us.  He shot me the link to this CNN article titled Honeymoon Tester Is Latest Dream Job.  The article describes a real job opportunity for a couple to travel the globe trying out some of the most romantic honeymoon getaways in the world….AND GET PAID TO DO IT.  All you have to do is blog about your experience a few times a week, according to the article.  “Sounds fabulous!” I said.  “Where do we sign up?!”  After all, this kind of gig is right up our alley!  We love to travel and I, of course, write about it

We sat there for a minute, each of us envisioning what that 6 months would look like.  Long, uninterrupted nights of sex sleep.  Lots of champagne.  Sun.  Sand.  Good food.  Massages.  And then reality set in.  There were 4 beautiful little wrinkles in this fabulous plan named Emily, Madison, Cameron and Quincy.  There’s no way in hell we’d be away from our kids for 6 months while we jet around.  I don’t know who would have a harder time releasing their death grip on the girls, me or Greg. 

You think they’d mind if we took our kids with us?   Yeah, that’s what I thought too.  It’s probably not happenin’ for this couple.  (If you are interested and able, however, you have until tomorrow to get your application in.) 

It got me to thinking, though, about my earlier post for a Travel Correspondent job opportunity.  Though I wrote that post as a joke, I just want to make it perfectly clear that it was really only a half-joke.  So if anyone out there knows of a company who would pay a family of six to jet around trying out family resorts just send them my way.  I would blog, Facebook, tweet, twurl, or stand on my head all day long for that opportunity.  Heck, I’d even consider home-schooling the girls if we could do it for a year.

I think I just heard a collective *gasp*.  Oh come on, folks.  I’m qualified to home-school.  What the hell else do you think I’m gonna do with all this education? 

In preparation for some PR company to come knocking, I am going to replace my career envy posts with travel posts for the next few weeks.  So come back often.  And I hope you enjoy reading about some of the fabulous places I’ve/we’ve been.



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