Today Was a Fairytale

Usually I am a huge Taylor Swift fan.  I think she is both sweet and talented.  Like a breath of fresh air.  I have loved watching her career over the past year or so, and after her Grammy performance I was embarrassed right along with her.  (I don’t really know that she was embarrassed, but she should’ve been).  When my mom asked me around Christmastime what she should download to her Ipod, I of course recommended Taylor Swift’s Fearless along with John Mayer’s Battle Studies.  I would have also recommended some Justin Bieber but to my surprise, she already had him downloaded.  She’s hip like that.

So Saturday, when we were on our way to church for the Easter family service, Today Was a Fairytale came on the radio.  The girls loooooove the song so they were singing, but I looked over at Greg and said, “In case you didn’t know sweetie, today is a fairytale.”  I must’ve done a good job of hiding my sarcasm because, totally clueless, he responded, “What’s that about?”  I started to explain my hatred of the song, not for the song’s message, but because it is sooooo repetitive.  As the song went on, he realized that what I was saying was true. 

Did you know that she sings “today was a fairytale” 15 times in this song?!  Hello!  WE GET IT!  Today was a friggin’ fairytale!

I have always had an aversion to songs with repetitious lyrics, but some bug me more than others like My Sharona and 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.  And now I have another song to add to that list.  Sorry Taylor! 

I just realized this morning, though, that my aversion may have something to do with my personality.  I like variety.  I like surprises.  I loathe routines.  So songs that are repetitive, or things in life that are routine like laundry, bill-paying, and doing the dishes just about bore me to death.  

I like unexpected results.  I like horror movies and roller coasters.  I like taking a different route.  You get the picture.


3 thoughts on “Today Was a Fairytale

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  2. I took my son to see Taylor last week in Wichita. I do have to say that she totally rocked! I was pleasantly surprised, we had great seats which I paid dearly for so we could tell she was singing live. But I do understand what you say about the song, keep in mind she was like 12 when she wrote that. Really how deep can you be at 12?!? 😉

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