Career Crush #3: My Husband and Lockton

If you’re new here, “Welcome!” and read this first.

I looked across the family room and realized that sitting right there on the sofa opposite me was my next career crush.  My husband Greg! 

Greg works for Lockton, the world’s largest, privately owned, independent insurance brokerage.  That sounds sexy doesn’t it?!  <NOT>  Believe me, I’ve worked in the insurance industry.  Though he actually works in the IT department, which is admittedly different from what I did.  And to tell you the truth I’m not even sure what his title is.  Isn’t that horrible?  The job he has isn’t the reason I envy him, though.  Nor is it that he gets to leave the “nut house” for 8 plus hours 5 days a week believe it or not. 

Here is why I envy him.  First, he absolutely loves his job.  He enjoys both the people he works with and for.  Well, most all the people.  Some of those “end-user” stories he tells are legendary.  Have you dropped your corporate cell in the toilet?  Spilled a cup of coffee on your keyboard?  Downloaded something you shouldn’t have on your computer and gotten a horrible virus?  Oh yeah.  And since he vents all of his frustrations to me, I hear all about it.  But despite all of this, he loves helping people no matter how “special” they are, and he continues to say wonderful things about his job.  About his co-workers.  About his boss.  About his boss’s bosses.  And so on and so on.  And he’s worked there a while, so the honeymoon period has definitely worn off.    

The second reason I envy him is because it is simply a fun place to work.  Granted, I don’t have an insider’s perspective.  I am merely a voyeur.  But from what I can tell they have a work hard, play hard mentality.  They have beer Friday once a quarter.  They are always raising money for some charity and doing an employee giveaway to boost donations to the cause.  I believe the Wii bowling tournament was one such activity, as well as the pizza eating contest.  I could be wrong on that, though.  They also do this tech day at the movies team-building exercise.  Check this.  They actually pay for their employees to get together and go to the movie….during the work day.  Is that insane or what? 

At any rate, my hat’s off to the owners of Lockton.  From where I sit, it sounds like they have created a great place to work.  And as Greg leaves for work every morning, I am confident that the time he spends away from his family every day is not just bearable, but fun and enjoyable.


2 thoughts on “Career Crush #3: My Husband and Lockton

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