This is Scary

If you’ve read my blog up to now you will know that I am considering giving up my Yahoo e-mail account.  Just wiping the slate clean and starting over with my gmail account.  Right after the first of the year, I decided to do a “master cleanse” of the 16,000 or so e-mails in my Yahoo inbox.  Most of these were unread spam e-mails that had somehow slipped through the filter.  Things like advertisements for Extenze, engagement rings, breast augmentation, and naughty housewives looking for hookups.  Now, 2 months later, my inbox holds 1,444 of these unread e-mails.  And that’s just my inbox.  It doesn’t include my spam folder which I regularly dump. 

99.9% of the time these spam ads are for things I would never be interested in.  Well, maybe “never” is a strong word.  I just lay on the delete button and mindlessly delete them.  Obviously I’m a little behind on that right now.  And as I’m deleting I don’t really pay all that much attention to them.  Until tah-day. 

I kind of remember saying something to the kids yesterday about feeling like a drill sergeant all of the time, and that maybe it would be a good idea if we stick them in the military. 

Then a scary thing happened.  This morning, in my inbox, was an ad for boot camps for kids.  <LIGHTBULB ON>


2 thoughts on “This is Scary

  1. If you are taking votes, my vote would be to go ahead and get rid of the email account. Whenever I can simplify things it always makes me feel so much lighter and happier. Good luck either way, and have a good day 🙂

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