Review: Avatar at the AMC Fork & Screen


Greg and I had the pleasure of partaking in both a movie and a meal Sunday afternoon sans children.  We dropped the girls off with a good friend and like two crazy people who had just been let out of the loony bin we let out a crazy wicked laugh and drove off quickly.  We made our way to the theatre where we splurged and purchased tickets for the AMC Fork & Screen which offers more comfortable seating, and food and drinks (including adult beverages) during the movie.  It was between Avatar and The Crazies, but ultimately we decided on Avatar.  After all, we would be kicking ourselves next week as we watched it clean up at the Oscars had we not seen it.

The movie did not disappoint.  Both the performances and the cinematography, 3-dimensional and computer-generated or not, were extraordinary.  In particular, Giovanni Ribisi (playing Parker Selfridge), Stephen Lang (as Colonel Quaritch), and Zoe Saldana (Neytiri) gave superior performances.  There were times that I wanted to shout and launch my Coke at Ribisi and Lang.   At the same time Neytiri’s affection for Jake Sully, her love for Pandora, her family and her people was so palpable it brought me to tears more than once, a credit to Saldana.  

Avatar is a timeless good versus evil story, but it also is a timely.  It underscores the importance of protecting our environment and speaks to our relationship with Mother Nature.  And it reminds us all that we must first seek to understand and then to be understood.  Also, I read or heard somewhere that it is this generation’s Star Wars and I would heartily agree.  We both walked away believing that it has forever changed the way we view movies in that genre, the same way Star Wars did in 1977.  James Cameron, assisted by a plethora of genius special effects technicians from the likes of Industrial Light & Magic has set the bar extremely high with this visual masterpiece. 

We would say the same thing about the Fork & Screen movie-going experience.  The food was excellent, the seats were darn comfortable, and the service was consistent but subtle so as not to interrupt the movie.  The only negative for me was that I had the beer-battered and fried chicken tenders with a side of parmesan fries and a Coke so big I had to leave to go to the bathroom, thus causing me to miss part of the movie.  Shucks.  The movie was 2 hours and 40 minutes long though so chances were good that no matter what I ate or drank I’d have to run to the bathroom.  I wouldn’t downgrade the experience based on that.

My rating (out of a possible 5 stars):  5 stars for the movie and 4.5 stars for the AMC Fork & Screen

P.S.  Next time we’re trying out the Cinema Suites!


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