I Am

I am…..

1.)  tired of hearing about the British and their bed linens.  Who gives a rip?  Can’t we just look at it like they are doing their part for the environment and get on with our lives?  I mean, we already knew they had bad teeth.  Couldn’t we have, by extension, assumed that they don’t give a lick about clean sheets?  I’m just saying.

2.)  considering closing my yahoo e-mail account because I am tired of getting spam ads for Extenze, gift cards that require you to complete three offers, vending machine businesses, and horny wives looking for hook-ups.  If only changing e-mail accounts wasn’t like moving to another planet. 

3.)  considering putting a countdown clock on my laptop for Sex and the City 2 and/or Twilight Eclipse.  Yes, I admit this with full knowledge that I may lose some readers over these obsessions.

4.)  considering joining the Tea party just to be called a tea bagger.  So….damn…..funny.  It never gets old.

5.)  looking around my house and wondering which of the un-finished projects to work on next.  Think I’ll start with the kids.

6.)  going to win the HGTV dream home this year.  I can FEEL it.

7.)  tired of telling the girls not to tease the dogs.  Barkley and Bruiser:  Can one of you just bite the girls, not so hard that you break the skin and I have to spend money in the ER, but scary enough that they get this concept please?

8.)  going to eat the rest of Greg’s chocolate birthday cake and bake another exactly like it before he gets home so he won’t know.  Of course, I’ll be 200 pounds with a chocolate moustache so he may figure it out.

9.)  shocked that my kindergartener knows how to spell 100 words off the top of her head.  The human brain is simply amazing.

10.)  amazed that anyone would like/respect/follow/admire/want to be like Sarah Palin.  Not making judgments, just perplexed by this one.  Can anyone help me out?

That’s all for today.  Discuss.


5 thoughts on “I Am

  1. On the Sarah Palin thing, she is a fiscal conservative which in my mind is a great thing, she is about taking responsibility for your own damn self which in my mind is a great thing and she is for limited government which in my mind..you know the rest. She has had to fight being a woman in a man’s world which I can relate to being that I work in the aviation field. Oh yeah she is of strong morals and values, means what she says! Do I need to go on? I suggest you read her book and let me know what you think then.

    • I am so glad you responded to that! Let’s strip politics away for a second because I don’t find that is my sticking point. I straddle the political fence, as I do many other things in life (may be my problem actually) so I could buy into her crap as easily as the next politician.

      My problem is that I can’t seem to get past the fact that she is, to me, unpolished and uninformed. Makes it hard for me to listen to her for very long…but I also have a hard time with rounded corners, if that tells you anything. I have a hard time with the hokey, my ears like polished and articulate. I will openly admit that this is my fault and not hers. She probably has wonderful things to say and I’m not tolerant enough to listen. I would read her book, but I fear it would be a waste of the little money I have right now. After all, I started reading Push and put it down halfway through, not because it wasn’t a compelling story, but because of the way in which it was written. I think that I may have to just watch the movie.

      Here is my biggest problem with her, though. If you’re going to vie for the most powerful political position in the world, in my humble opinion, you’d better do your research, work your ass off, and bring your A game. I wouldn’t cut any woman slack just like I wouldn’t want anyone to cut me slack. To me, that goes hand-in-hand with the personal responsibility you speak of. Now, my opinion of her may be distorted because it was formed entirely from what I saw of her during the presidential election. If I read her book, it may shed some light on why she looked like a deer caught in the headlights half the time, and answered questions as if she didn’t possess a high school diploma. And for that, I might be willing to spend the money for the book. I’ll keep you posted on my decision. You’ve certainly given me much to think about because I respect your opinion and if you like her, I need to just get over it and read the damn book.

      p.s. I hope this hasn’t hurt my chances at an invitation to the Leopold home next time I’m in Wichita! 🙂

  2. I agree “tea bagger” never stops being funny. I as well have a feeling I will win the HGTV dream home this year, especially since it’s in Santa Fe and my mom and sister live in Taos an hour away. Although I keep forgetting to log in daily. Kinda like the lottery. I have all these plans on how to spend my millions but alas never buy a damn ticket. And finally, I too feel your perplexity about Palin…if someone tells you will you tell me?

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