Programming Announcement: Coming Clean

Last week I posted a “job wanted” ad here.  Granted, I wrote it tongue-in-cheek as a way to vent my frustration with the dismal days of frigid temps and snowy, wintry weather we’ve experienced here in Kansas City of late.  I was really only half serious at the time.  But, gee, doesn’t the job of a Travel Correspondent just sound great?  I imagine that it might just be the greatest career on earth, imagine being the operative word here.     

Now, I know it isn’t really Christian to covet, and since I am a Christian I find it difficult to admit that I do.  Maybe it’s the wide open space of my site or the thought of having a broad audience that prompts me now to come clean about what I covet, or envy.  The truth is, I suffer from career envy and have my whole life.  It isn’t something sparked only by the fact that I turn 40 this year and my youngest, the twins, go off to Kindergarten in the fall leaving me with “free time”.  I’m talking about the “grass is always greener” dysfunction at its worst.  Or possibly you’ve heard it referred to as the “I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up” syndrome.  As a consequence, I have developed what I like to call little “career crushes” over the years.  In some cases, these little crushes have mushroomed into a full-blown love affair.  A covetous, sinful relationship that has caused me many nights of restlessness and dissatisfaction with my own career – whatever my career was at the time.  

So, to highlight that which I covet most, to honor my dysfunction, and to connect with those of you who also struggle with this same condition, I have decided to share my career crushes with you, the readers.  Starting this Thursday, and every Thursday thereafter, I will reveal one of my crushes.  And I would urge you to share your own.  Come clean with me people!


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