Question of the Day

This should go under “Crazy Questions”, but since this one came from my husband and not one of the girls I thought it deserved a post on the main page.  

Picture this.  The kids have gone to bed and we are sitting in our family room, each on their respective sofa with dueling computers.  I’m surfing.  He’s working.  The t.v. is going and because he is a better channel surfer than I, he has control of the remote.  He is flipping between Olympic coverage (for him) and True Lies (for me).  He looks over at me and asks, very seriously, “Would you be mad if I was a spy and didn’t tell you?” 

Potential responses:

Thoughtful – “Well, it depends upon whom you are spying.”

The question with a question (which he HATES) – “Um, do you have something to tell me?”

Honest, but lacking the filter – “Hell yes I’d be mad!  What if you got killed in the line of duty and left me alone to take care of all these damn kids?” 

The non-believer – “Honey, I’ve witnessed your spy skills and they’re not impressive.” 

R-Rated – “Pass me whatever it is that you’re smoking over there.”

My real response:

“Oh, this is SO going on the internet.”


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