An Open Letter to My Valentine

Dear Greg,
We’ve spent the last seven Valentine’s Days together.   Given all that we’ve been through in those seven years, the crazy ups and downs of the past 4 1/2 or so in particular, I thought I’d remind you why I love you so much.   
1.)  When you dance you remind me of one of those little dancing figures with the big suction cup thing on the bottom that you stick on the dashboard of a car.
2.)  You crack yourself up….a lot.
3.)  That absolutely juvenile forced laugh that you use as a retort when I manage to slip in the last best insult and you have no other way to respond.  I know.  It’s just your way of getting the last laugh, so to speak.
4.)  You use big words and have little or no idea what they mean. 
5.)  You memorize the flight plans of all major airlines.  And probably some smaller airlines that you won’t ‘fess up to.
6.)  You walk through the airport so fast you’d think your ass was on fire.
7.)  You make the best cheesy eggs on the planet.  The girls will back me up on this one.
8.)  You bought me a snuggie for no particular reason or occasion other than the fact that you thought it would keep me warm.  And it came with a free book light to boot!
9.)  You can do math in your head.  No, really.  I’ve never even seen you have to count on your fingers or anything.
10.)  You stick.  Even when you’d probably rather turn and bolt. 
I stopped at 10, but could go on believe it or not.  For as much as we bring into the marriage that is just horrible and toxic, we bring an equal amount of stuff that is positive.  Let’s make a new vow to never ever forget that.  Deal?
All my love,

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