Wanted: Travel Correspondent Job

I th0ught I would post this ad here….just in case anyone is listening.

Bright and reasonably articulate wife and mother of 4, with considerable travel experience, seeks temporary assignment as a Travel Correspondent.  Willing to take on the Herculean task of packing up family of 6 and taking all means of transportation to any exotic, kid-friendly, five-star beach resort with a current average temperature above 85 degrees.  For the purpose of completing my review of said resort, I agree to take advantage of all available amenities.  For a well-written, widely publicized and glowing review, I require compensation in the form of all travel, accommodations and meals for me and my family and any incidental charges that occur as a direct relation to my review.  To provide adequate time to experience the resort, stay must be at least 5 days.  Extended stays will be given serious consideration.  Availability:  Pronto.  ASAP.  Immediate.  


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