State of OUR Union

I really hesitate to blog about something as incendiary as american politics right now, but with the State of the Union address set to kick off in a few short hours, I have a few thoughts to share.  Of course I am going to relate the current state of our political and economic system to a movie…because everything relates to a movie, right?  So I was watching Inglourious Basterds the other night with my husband (thank you Red Box for the free rental) which I surprisingly, very much enjoyed.  Just in case you thought I might – no, I am not going to draw parallels between the state of our country and the climate in Nazi-occupied France.  But there was a scene in the movie that did come to mind as I pondered the tone and content of the President’s address this evening.  It is the part where we witness a lit cigarette being thrown onto an enormous pile of reels of nitrate film which is highly flammable, burning immediately and rapidly.   The theatre is engulfed in flames from the fire before it ultimately explodes killing everyone inside of it.   

Our country feels to me like that huge pile of nitrate film.  Each reel separate.  Divided.  Highly flammable.  Just waiting for a small spark to ignite it.  I am curious to know what President Obama has to say about this past year and what is on his agenda for the coming year.  But most importantly, I want to know how he is going to address this huge pile of nitrate film (read: discord and political division) that is present in our country.  I hope you will be watching tonight, too.  After all, it isn’t just a union or the union, but OUR union.  More later.


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